Experience Andros Island, Greece

Top 10 things to Do in Andros Greece

Located to the north of Tinos, Andros Island is a combination of abundant water embedded in dry Cycladic landscape which results in a coastline spanning about 176 kilometers. It is a highly mountainous island and is thus a perfect island to go hiking. The...

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Experience Chora of Andros Greece

Andros Island, Greece is the most northern and the second biggest Island among the Cyclades complex of the Aegean Sea. Although the island doesn’t have lush vegetation, it is the greenest of among the Cyclades and has a population ranging around 10,000 which is...

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7 beautiful Andros Villages (Part I)

Andros Island is highly distinguished from other Cycladic islands due to its traditional architecture and natural atmosphere. In its villages, you will find pure Cycladic architecture and houses built in the neoclassical style. There are lots of Andros Greece hotels...

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The Castles and Towers of Andros Island, Greece

Andros Island, Greece is a unique Island among the Cyclades. Located southeast of Euboea (Evia) and north of Tinos, it is about forty (40) kilometers long and sixteen (16) kilometers wide, with 176 kilometers coastline. It is a combination of Dry Cycladic Landscape...

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Why Tourists Flock to Batsi, Andros

Batsi, Andros is an old fishing village turned resort just 7km from Gavrio, the main port of Andros Island. This description might not immediately scream tourist attraction amidst all that the Clycades has to offer, but in fact, Batsi is one of the most popular...

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